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Rue du Luxembourg | (en face du Carrefour Market), 57390 Audun-le-Tiche, France
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Fais l'expérience de la commodité de notre plateforme de réservation pour McDonald's à Rue du Luxembourg | (en face du Carrefour Market), 57390 Audun-le-Tiche, France. Réserve ta table sans effort et profite de convenient réservations de repas. Appelez +33382521783 pour réserver une table tout de suite.

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1 /5 Note moyenne

frankly I'm not a mac do follower but there it's the comble service and not the top all orders do it on devices and girls at the counter are not pleasant almost have the bothers more in one hour at least two customers was not happy it doesn't make me want to go back

1 /5 Note moyenne

It's probably the worst possible mcdo. we went there just a few times (for practical reasons) and each time the same problems: fries are disgusting burgers, let's not talk about it personal: lolla clean let's say that I have very big doubts in comparison with the mcdo around and especially in Luxembourg, it's really about m. (I haven't found another appropriate term)Bref fuyez

1 /5 Note moyenne

I think you need bac 2 to read an order and don't force anything....Pathetic...when there are not only 18-year-olds who work there.

3 /5 Note moyenne

There are days when few things are open to audun. mcdonald remains a basic value without surprise. open all day, this is his real advantage. For the gastronomy you have to go somewhere else.

2 /5 Note moyenne

Run! They're lucky they don't have a competitor in the sector because it would probably be closed. One in two, there's something missing. the wait is always long and one day I was alone at the counter waiting for my order that arrived at the end of 16 minutes! and in bonus the servers mocked me without any discretion. I was a thief and I didn't put a foot there anymore.

1 /5 Note moyenne

unpleasant welcome, waiting for crazy (more than 10 minutes) and cold food! Never again! Everything went to the trash!

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I've been living in audun for seven years, and now it's too much! A drive on two there are mistakes where there is something missing! constant stock break on happy meal gifts! and today, I am given the drive of someone else! I've been there once a week... since once a month... now I'm gonna order pizza, it's safer... Hello, the manager? Is mac do global? Where's the service?

3 /5 Note moyenne

nice place for young people who are followers of this kind of food my girls and my husband likes to go there from time to time when to me I am not a follower but I recognize that their salad and dessert are good budget and reasonable staff is not always pleasant with the customers