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163 avenue Georges Clemenceau, 40600 Biscarrosse, France
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Visite notre page de réservation pour réserver une table à Le Cottage, que tu trouveras à 163 avenue Georges Clemenceau, 40600 Biscarrosse, France. Ne manque pas l'occasion de savourer exceptional des créations culinaires. Pour une place garantie, appelez le +33558828530.

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5 /5 Note moyenne

This is a homely little restaurant offering local dishes at an excellent price. The plat du jour is available in the evening, and for 12.50 euros I had very tasty chicken dish with fries, gateau basque, 25 cl of wine plus coffee. That's very hard to beat for an evening meal. Definitely recommended.

4 /5 Note moyenne

This place won't suit everyone, but for good, home-cooked food at a very reasonable price, there is nowhere better in this town. It is small, and operated by a genuine husband and wife team. He does the cooking (very visibly) while she does the rest. If it was bigger and more stylish, the bill would inevitably be twice as high. Advisable to reserve in advance.

1 /5 Note moyenne

Unpleasant and almost made me retch to try and eat this food made of mainly really strong cheese from the north of France. Maybe some diners like this flavour but we couldnt wait to leave !

5 /5 Note moyenne

We had a set 3 course meal with wine for 12 euros per person. The service was very good and the restaurant was an easy walk from our hotel.

5 /5 Note moyenne

Southern France offers little in the Winter months, particularly around the holidays, so finding an open restaurant is a lucky moment indeed.

5 /5 Note moyenne

beau petit restaurant français. la première fois en France et la dame qui a servi a été très utile. Je leur ai toujours fait remarquer et leur ai posé des questions sur le tribunal que les autres clients avaient commandé et elle a été patiente et a essayé de me le dire et de me l'expliquer en anglais. Manger est excellent, le prix est raisonnable. merci beaucoup pour ce super dîner en France ! hautement recommandé!

5 /5 Note moyenne

c'est un petit restaurant confortable avec une décoration locale à un excellent prix. l'assiette du jour est disponible le soir et pour un euro, j'ai eu un très bon plat de poulet avec des frites, un gâteau basque, du vin et du café. c'est très lourd. pour un dîner. définitivement recommandé.

4 /5 Note moyenne

this place does not fit everyone, but for good, sought-after food at a very reasonable price there is no better in this city. it is small, and operated by a real man and woman team. it cooks (very visible), while making the rest. if it was bigger and more stylish, the bill would necessarily be double as high.