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430 Allee du Royans, 30300 Bourg-de-Peage, France, Bourg-de-Péage
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Fais l'expérience du bonheur culinaire à Le Bel Endroit, que tu trouveras à 430 Allee du Royans, 30300 Bourg-de-Peage, France, Bourg-de-Péage, en réservant une table via notre page de réservation pratique. Délecte-toi d'une gamme de saveurs savoureuses qui te donneront envie d'en redemander. Vous souhaitez une réservation ? Composez le +33475053576, +33972641681.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

petite envie de se poser et de lâcher le stress du travail, ce petit coin restaurant situé au milieu d'une zone industrielle satisfaisait pleinement au changement de lieu. ... il porte son nom. niveau repas, salade assez sympa et plats simples mais bien nourris.! Je conseille d'y aller côté pro, côté perso, ça demande d'être un peu plus off! Allez et bon appétit! !

5 /5 Note moyenne

Bonjour nous sommes venus à votre soirée plage du 30 juin. Super ambiance et dj au top. Vous avez assuré avec un large choix de boissons et cocktails. Tout était réuni pour une super soirée avec mes amis. Nous reviendrons avec plaisir :)

1 /5 Note moyenne

arrived at 8:30 pm with in theory a table reserved by phone, the server announces that no there is no reservation for this musical evening. So we install ourselves at a series of tables stuck to each other (without reservation label) and take a cocktail. 10 minutes later the same server asks us to move to install a group of 20 people who booked!!!!! we are installed inside in the middle of nowhere since the evening is under the veranda. Well a shame because the outside is really nice and well decorated. so we left quickly and very disappointed I must not recommend

4 /5 Note moyenne

a good small restaurant ideal for lunch between colleagues. I took the summer salad, and I enjoyed it.

4 /5 Note moyenne

ideal location at the exit of the highway. large parking. beautiful interior terrace very well equipped. warm welcome and service. family atmosphere and friendly. very commercial managers. dish of the day salad at 12€. Very copyy. excellent value quality price. It's all well seasoned. extra veal head. bravo and continue like that.

4 /5 Note moyenne

the frame is pleasant, we are in zi and despite all the disbursement is there with its sandy beach . competent and smiling waitresses , we took the dish of the day and ended with the cookies house au nutella ... a feast.

1 /5 Note moyenne

the price too high for what's in the plate. staff don't know the dishes served. Don't!

4 /5 Note moyenne

restaurant located in the area of toll town where artisans, business leaders, workers, aeronautics enthusiasts join together to chat and eat. The aperitif takes place at the bar with defiant prices all competition (1 euro the Ricard ball no longer exists.) we have the choice between different sweet mouths offered (house stagenade, tarama, etc.) and surprise, the boss brings us with the brouillad of fresh truffles, a feast.I take a 19 euro menu "special holidays." a plate of oysters with oysters. (going, a small flat on the shrimps that are not top) Then I take a bath, my cooking is respected, my meat is good and of quality, it is a fresh and non-frozen product. In the desert I take two balls of ice to slide. And to finish I'm offered a digestive.Conclusion: cosmopolitan restaurant where people from different backgrounds find themselves. the meal is simple but good with fresh and quality products. service is impeccable and family. Restaurant to be recommended for its atmosphere. (A small apartment, after eating in this restaurant and drinking I made a long nap in the afternoon, because you have to follow the old ones at the ricard and it's not always easy!)