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Branges, 20 Route de Saint-Vincent, 71440 Montret, France
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Réserve ta table avec nous maintenant. Assure-toi des places libres très tôt. Appelle-nous simplement ou utilise notre Homepage pour réservation de table en ligne. Nous nous réjouissons de ta visite ! Une réservation est également utile car elle évite les temps d'attente. Nous savons alors combien de visiteurs attendre et pouvons nous préparer en conséquence. Grâce à ta réservation de table, nous pouvons t'offrir un meilleur service. Il est donc préférable de s'occuper tout de suite de ta réservation gratuite, tu peux le faire par téléphone ou en ligne - cela ne prend qu'une minute !.

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This restaurant has only recently been opened and is run by English people, employing a French cook. It is right in the center of Montret and there is a big parking space across the street. The room is very nicely renovated with a mix of old and modern styles.I went up front to enquire about vegetarian options and they were very open and positive about it, but asked to give a shout in advance. We did so and went for their "Burger Night", which is on every friday. We pre-ordered together with friends. The welcome was excellent and so was the service. No real menu available, they cook what they have fresh, concentrating on French cuisine with a British touch (deserts!!).Sadly the vegetarian burgers did not work well for us: They were too dry and the tofu ones were not nice at all. That was a pity.... The food of our friends was very good, big portions and well presented and cooked. They went for the Coq Au Vin and the normal burgers. Rather than serving 2 or 3 courses, here you get 1 big portion as a main dish, more the British and German way.Deserts went down well, but I was so full, I could not eat any more. At home my wife and I had to drink a grappa to get the stomach working again.... We never do this...All in all I think this is a very nice new alternative in the area, well worth a go, but their cook can definitely get more creative for vegetarian choices. I recommend this place.

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Called the day before to make a reservation for lunchShowed up at noon and the place was empty.