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5 rue de Ribeaupierre, 68125 Houssen, France
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Fais de tes projets de repas un jeu d'enfant en réservant une table à Taverne Medieval, situé à 5 rue de Ribeaupierre, 68125 Houssen, France, grâce à notre plateforme en ligne très pratique. Profite d'une fantastique expérience gastronomique. Assurez-vous une table en appelant +33389291284.

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2 /5 Note moyenne

at first sight, you don't dare to go back too much but when you see all the craftsmen's cars you think it's an address where there's a good value for money. In fact the choice is very limited, it is a dish of the day with a few variants according to what is in the kitchen.So not really a good choice for a small meal with friends if the dish of the day is not suitable for you...And unfortunately that day it was eggs sausages in the entrance, it is good when you have to fill the belly!But it was not our case....To finish, to the ad

4 /5 Note moyenne

we went through the tripadvisor search and a very nice surprise. we ate on the terrace, we took two blue cords a nice attention take that it is superbly served with fries and salad, a feast. service very well and the atmosphere also very friendly

2 /5 Note moyenne

until dessert it was all right. good value quality price for a meal during a professional trip. we order an elongated coffee with dessert (not homemade is sure) and we are used an expresso that we can extend. with cold water! The worst was probably the reaction of the boss who got angry telling us that he wasn't going to run his fuel boiler for our coffee! Funny way to treat the client. If we had ordered a tea, would it have been served with cold water?

5 /5 Note moyenne

very cool and super nice deserves its place philippe thanks for the kitchen I love we eat very well with a beautiful terrace

5 /5 Note moyenne

I was a regular used to the restaurant before the new manager took over. It's been a while since I hadn't come to it, and I have to say that this restaurant has done a huge good forward. The quality is much better, the quantities are better loaded.Some automatisms have to be put in place, but in any case, in the kitchen it sends heavy! the waiting between the dishes is very short, while the chef kitchen of the fresh product. It's very appreciable for menus from day to week, we know we're not going to be late at work. There is this little decoy touch on dishes that may seem basic, and that gives this little taste more. frankly for 12€ the menu of the day, it's just unbeatable. We're always a little scared when we get back, because we know what we're losing, but not what we're gonna have, and well, it's nickel!and finally, this restaurant is open on Tuesday night!bravo

5 /5 Note moyenne

Monday to Friday menu at 12€ or 14€ ! the rest of the time a superb map with local products and a home kitchen! a team that already proved everything at the restaurant the rochamps to thannenkirch beautiful continuity soon cordially philippe

4 /5 Note moyenne

about the menus of the day of 25/04/2017 smoked pallet a little hard the crudities very well raise my very hearty steps for 12 euros served with a pie of the lemon meringué I think to buy frozen by against my wife has been entitled to a duo of fish served with asparagus and rice very good quality price to 18 euros they also have a salad of sausage xxl very well served for the price

4 /5 Note moyenne

good restaurant, family atmosphere. cream and spaeztle home for banana split dessert with hot homemade chocolate. Very good!