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114 avenue de la Muzelle, 38860 Les Deux-Alpes, France, Les Deux Alpes
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Réserve ta table avec nous maintenant. Assure-toi des places libres très tôt. Appelle-nous simplement ou utilise notre Website pour réservation de table en ligne. Nous nous réjouissons de ta visite ! Une réservation est également utile car elle évite les temps d'attente. Nous savons alors combien de clientèle attendre et pouvons nous préparer en conséquence. Grâce à ta réservation de table, nous pouvons t'offrir un meilleur service. Il est donc préférable de s'occuper tout de suite de ta réservation gratuite, tu peux le faire par téléphone ou en ligne - cela ne prend qu'une minute !.

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5/5 Rating average

La Marjolaine: Lots of delicious special chocolates, I really liked the bonbons filled with French alcohols: Cognac, Cointreau, Genepi, Champagne, Kirsch, Chartereuse, Mirabelle, Poire, etc. And the sellers are also nice and helpful, not like the neighbouring shop La Marmotte Chocolatier.La Marmotte has narrow corridors, which make it difficult to move inside the shop, especially if there are more than one customers inside. Chocolate boxes are piled on each other in an instable way. When I visited the shop, my coat accidently touched one of these 'towers' and made one of the boxes fall on the ground. The shop assistant forced me to buy it even though I did not want that kind of chocolate.This was not fair for two reasons. First, I was not the only responsible: the main cause of the problem was that the shop was not furnished properly, there was not enough space for movement and the products were not stored in a stable way. (Maybe this is on purpose to increase sales revenues by causing such incidents). Second, the damage was not significant. The chocolate inside was not harmed, only the plastic covering, so she could have repacked it into a new box, which costs only a framgent of the price (it was a homemade chocolate box with a logo of La Marmotte Chocolatier). I feel still angry about this incident, and I think that the shop assistant was not customer friendly at all, and her English is also bad. (Sorry that I write here about La Marmotte Chocolatier, but it does not have a page on tripadvisor)La Marjolaine is, however, a perfect choice.

5/5 Rating average

très attrayante fabrique de chocolat avec sa fontaine de chocolat. large choix de chocolats et de nougat. bienvenue à visiter absolument.