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Fais de tes rêves de dîner une réalité à Le Cirque, situé à 118 quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, France, grâce à notre page de réservation conviviale. Plonge dans un monde de succulent plats qui raviront tes papilles. Appelez +33491910891, +33491995090, +33491915796 pour réserver une table tout de suite.

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5 /5 Note moyenne

We visited this place in the beginning of May, after the suggestion of the concierge desk, from our nearby hotel. We had an excellent lunch with well cooked sea food pasta and the best fish soup tasted ever!!!!( please note that I come from Greece so expectations on sea food are very high!) The desserts at the end of this fantastic meal where enormous, fresh and tasty! Friendly and quick service.

5 /5 Note moyenne

Had a great evening here by the port with outdoor seating. My first bouillabaisse experience had lived up to my expectations - nice three course meal with soup, fish and a nice pineapple carpaccio. Served by a very helpful member of staff who advised us from ordering too much. Recommended we order pastas, which was their specialty - we got the Seafood Pasta - which was great. We also ordered some veal - which was average. If I were to visit again I would stick with more pasta dishes as per the waiter's suggestion.

5 /5 Note moyenne

My family and I happened to be in Marseille at the same time as a family friend, so we met at Le Cirque for a nice dinner evening. I'll start by calling out that yes, dinner here is an evening all to itself and you will spend a few hours here. In my opinion, though, that's the best way to do Mediterranean dining.The wait staff were incredible, and they went out of their way to adapt and accommodate our needs, which was especially important considering we were travelling with an almost 2-year-old.The food is excellent. I had the crab salad to start. The crab itself was great, but I found the greenery to be very bitter. I think that's the trend in southern France at the moment, though. I followed that with the lobster pasta, which had a whole lobster in it. Again, excellent. For dessert I had the Rum Baba. The baba itself was a touch on the dry side, but excellent flavour. The fruit it comes with was amazingly fresh and incredibly juicy. The raspberries in particular were amazing.My one caution is that the portion sizes are massive. For my lobster pasta I ended up taking half of the pasta home. I, likewise, could only get through about half of the Rum Baba and the fruit before giving up. If you take a proper evening here, either come hungry or expect to take stuff home.

4 /5 Note moyenne

Let me say that my wife & I were there to have a good meal and drink a lot of wine. We wanted to sit outside with a water view, where all of the people were. We had been traveling all night. We weren't dressed fancy, but not like peasants either. I was wearing khaki shorts & a pullover. My wife was wearing heels, nice jeans, and a nice shirt. We got to the restaurant at 9:20PM. The host asked if we had a reservation. We said no. (There were SEVERAL open tables in the main dining area). He then asked the owner where to seat us. He looked us up & down & pointed inside in the small dining room in the corner.We spent $200+, including 2 bottles of wine. Wish he would've treated us accordingly. Food---we ordered a fried cheese appetizer. We weren't fans---was kind of a "stinky cheese", and we were expecting something different.the famous bouillabaisse---I wasn't a fan. My wife had the Red Mullet fish----one of the best fish dishes I'd ever had. Dessert---my wife had a dessert with kind of a fried sugar, and a cream sauce. It was seriously amazing.

5 /5 Note moyenne

Had seafood pasta and it was awesome. Fresh seafood, good taste (you could actually taste the seafood flavour). The dish was massive, I could not finish it! I'd recommend it for two. Friendly and attentive staff. Great experience

5 /5 Note moyenne

My husband needed Classic marseille bouillabaisse and this is the spot. Served as two courses - soup, then fish - with a delightful pineapple carpaccio for a refreshing dessert. I enjoyed grilled rouget for myself, and we split tuna tartare to begin. Magnifique! Lovely setting on the vieux port.

5 /5 Note moyenne

The hotel recommended this restaurant to us. It was just fabulous. Great service and nice atmosphere. The menu had a great choice and we loved everything we ate. Good recommendation

4 /5 Note moyenne

My partner and I were in Marseille for the weekend and had been recommended to dine around the Old Port. We had looked on TripAdvisor for where we could eat but decided to just wander the street and decide ourselves. We came across La Cirque, which at the time was empty, but that was because everyone in France eats out later in the evening I believe.We were greeted by the waitress and waiter and seated at our table. We ordered a bottle of local wine and were recommended the crayfish salad and crab salad for starters.The dishes were very tasty and light for starters. Our mains were exceptional. I ordered the Lobster pasta which was delicious. My partner ordered the Sea Bass dish accompanied with vegetables. The fish was absolutely sensational. Seasoned perfectly and melted in your mouth. Dessert was shared between the two of us. We had sorbet which was refreshing after our main meals.The total of the bill was a little more than we had expected but the fact that the food was of great quality made it worth the cost.