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55 rue Borgo, 20137, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
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Fais l'expérience de la commodité de notre plateforme de réservation pour La Vigie à 55 rue Borgo, 20137, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France. Réserve ta table sans effort et profite de convenient réservations de repas. Réservez votre table en appelant +33495703233.

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1 /5 Note moyenne

a real tourist restaurant as we find everywhere!Mediocre service, food without any interest.

3 /5 Note moyenne

we stopped by chance and without consulting the opinions. We ordered only pizzas: the dough is good, they are well garnished. It is on that the decoration is to be reviewed but the value for money is correct.

1 /5 Note moyenne

I'm not very demanding, but this restaunt is a horror!After being directed to a table, we waited 25 minutes (without drinking) so that someone can pick up the command (we called the server for that). After 1:15, my husband was served his spaghetti dish, my husband was finishing eating when I told the waiter that he could cancel my pizza dish because he was waiting for 1:30! The waiter came 10 minutes later with my pizza (I don't know if we can say a pizza so she had a dry and not appetizing aspect), I told her I wouldn't want and I was going to leave and pay only what my husband ate and the drinks. There, the waiter had the nerve to say that he wasn't going to return the dish (even if I had already canceled before after 1h30 waiting! As a result, I and my husband are raised and paid directly to the crate only what was consumed and I was going to eat elsewhere at 22:10 in the evening and starved. Others also left the restaurant when they saw that no one came to pick it up after 10 minutes (by the way, I regret not doing the same because it's slow and the dishes don't look good)

2 /5 Note moyenne

the frontage made it want to go back and the pretty seaside view. damage because factory to tourists, the service is very poorly managed, too waiting for the takeover of order then after shipment of dishes with feeling of being pushed out. rather medium dishes. We won't go back.

1 /5 Note moyenne

We came to porto vecchio with my girlfriend to visit. a lot of restaurants closed for this August 15th, so we decide to find a random restaurant and that it mistakes. nice boss who welcomes us while there are people, without reservation. (only positive) with the terrace view. The waiter comes, he doesn't know how to say hello. it puts the cards without offering an aperitif or other...We take a quarter of wine ( rose ) without taste. .. and yet we have drunk wine in Corsica and there are very good even at low prices. Then I order linguine at gambas. (€19)My dish bathes in oil, gambas uncoated (it happens) and without rinse fingers (of course) , with just the head on certain. gambas frozen of course otherwise it's not funny ... Ma.copine took a thousand eggplant leaf to the twig of Corsica that turns out to be an eggplant gratin without more. ( 14 euros50 ) without forgetting the cook who smokes his cigarette in the restaurant at the end of his service while there are still guests who eat. We really doubt the quality of their products. We ended our plates and then went without coffee or dessert so we were disgusted. 37 euros 50 for 2 dishes that can be made at home. Thanks for coming.

3 /5 Note moyenne

unlike the previous notice, which I had not consulted before, we were welcomed, the service sooner nice and the beautiful view on the marina!! with regard to the main one: a pizzeria all that is more common. neither good nor bad with a fare corresponds to the region! (and at the sight!!!) finally, the choice belongs to you to stop there or not! for me I advise this establishment, for a quick stop and a breathtaking view!!

1 /5 Note moyenne

hungry and without checking on tripadvisor we infiltrate this place apparently closed, but that opens, once inside, on two beautiful terraces with view of the port, suggestive location. the service is severely insufficient, waiting times to receive the geological menu and poor memory of the waiter who brings our wine medium to the table next to that he had not ordered, quality of the latter poor in addition. Fish dishes prepared badly, only on grill and without seasoning as it was written on paper, swordfish that shatters enough, but tuna too beaten and hard, just edible. I give a star because it is unacceptable that when you leave a restaurant you greet the staff and you are not reciprocated, no matter the fatigue or the lack of tip, it is a form of respect to the customer how much to cook a good dish, rude.

3 /5 Note moyenne

the restaurant offers good visibility and the ambiente is accusing. the service is attentive and you get through with English and Italian good. we recommend pizza and pasta. the other diners were disappointing (corsic speciality, fish) and the portion was rather small. we then have eaten from the pizza and pasta of our children.