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1 Place San Ment, 06660, Saint-Etienne-de-Tinee, France, Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée
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Réserve ta table à Lou Ben Manja, située à 1 Place San Ment, 06660, Saint-Etienne-de-Tinee, France, Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée, en toute simplicité en utilisant la page de réservation. Réserve maintenant et laisse-toi tenter par des plats succulents. Pour une place garantie, appelez le +33493024028, +33970357450.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

First my note: in fact, it's no way or very good but because of a good intermediate opinion, I put a way. In fact, it was correct but no more. What matters more is that we have a good time. Quick and friendly service. but be careful, the desserts are absolutely gargantuesque! except to be very greedy and very hungry, not to take for yourself alone but to share with two or three!

1 /5 Note moyenne

nice location for this restaurant but the service and the kitchen are not satisfying, first order take 30 minutes after our installation, forget the map of the drinks, again 15 min waiting before having it ... total disorder during the service. insulting waitress vis a vis of customers who have the back turned. we decide to take pizza ... what error .pizzas very little garnished, a bad quality cheese.

3 /5 Note moyenne

Too bad for the service. We took: pizza 4 cheeses, risotto and a little child. Nothing to say about the meal. On the other hand, only one girl to take all orders is too fair. The two ladies trying to help aren't in the game. The gentleman is very nice. One of the two ladies picks up a fork that was fallen to the ground by a client and put it back on my table: happy. too many people are impatient for service. Too bad. if there is not a lot of people the service should be suitable, if not: hire a server for the season.

4 /5 Note moyenne

After a walk on the tip of the cap we go to this friendly restaurant. Served quickly for the taking of the aperitifs for the dish. huge pizzas good well garnishedmore room for dessert but we have seen on the nearby tables of the enjoyoles to fall ...

4 /5 Note moyenne

the dishes on the menu are good, copyy and original! it changes mountain restaurants where there are always the same cards! To do!

5 /5 Note moyenne

descending from the top of the cap, breakfast in this small restaurant on the clean and shaded terrace. Very affordable day dish - hearty and quality fries - for lady, huge chicken salad, potatoes, tomatoes, gigantic pizzas served at the nearby tables. Efficient and dynamic service, reasonable addition, we recommend without reserve this restaurant for a relaxing and quiet stop.

2 /5 Note moyenne

bistro rather than restaurant. a shaded terrace, without a view, a dish of the day that took 45 minutes to arrive. the dish was a hamburger with crane potatoes, rich but without character.

1 /5 Note moyenne

This restaurant also makes the sale to take away: know how much I paid a part of flank?Flanc in addition to any quality, just comparable to that of a super walk. see the incredible answer:6e50 yes six euros and fifty cents!(c is my wife who didn't dare say no)There is a bakery not very far I strongly advise you to go there and in addition you will be well