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145 avenue Gambetta, 17100 Saintes, France
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Fais une réservation à Gourmet d'Asie, qui se trouve à l'adresse 145 avenue Gambetta, 17100 Saintes, France, grâce à notre page conviviale. Offrez-vous des saveurs appétissantes et un service impeccable. Réservez votre table en appelant +33546742818, +33974565634.

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2 /5 Note moyenne

No service, you have to get rid of the table and even go get his water carafe. The cook of the wok is very unpleasant. and the size billing for children is unreal.

4 /5 Note moyenne

with a smiling welcome, a buffet of an unspoilable fraicher, hot dishes of good invoices, the chef at your disposal at the wok and the plancha, correct dessert. You will have a great lunch for a perfect quality/price ratio.

2 /5 Note moyenne

the decor of this restaurant is nice, the rates are correct on the noon, a high hair in the evening for the quality of the dishes.Then the service is very limited, we have to rid and sort the dishes ourselves (the dishes are not yet at our expense...). I had a little bit of belly in the afternoon after lunch, but I had not eaten in excess. Be careful if you order beers, the waiter brings them discarded and I had the very strong impression that it was not the original beer that was in the bottle!!!

4 /5 Note moyenne

good self service style restaurant, quite correct cuisine, at least a lot of choice there is for all tastes good quality price and very smiling welcome

1 /5 Note moyenne

tasteless frozen shrimp, floury meats, samoussas with recognizable and fade filling, fresh and very bad desserts..I have never made an Asian restaurant like that..It's shameful. everything is really bad and more is, we have to rid our plates..The room is not at all pleasant. To avoid absolutely!

4 /5 Note moyenne

we are small gastronome eaters, this type of restaurant is great. seafood buffet with superb oysters and other very fresh crustaceans we like to take in small quantities the fish or products of the sea cooked in front of us, with each time a very rare kindness of our day. has each passage to holiness we love this establishment. bravo to this family that directs.

2 /5 Note moyenne

The deco is nice, the very nice team. It stops there decidedly the family always insisted on coming oysters, fries, pancakes. Lots of things actually. I'm in a Chinese restaurant. I eat Chinese!! I can't find the good taste of this kitchen. It's a fade we eat fast, it's a buffet. That's a lack of intimidation. I'll believe in a canteen. Not my favorite address.

5 /5 Note moyenne

of choice, of the eight fraiches, of the holy jacco shells, very good dress the best Asian in buffet I know.