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4 Place Saint Pierre le Jeune, 67000, Strasbourg, France
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Réserve ta table à Le Link at Sofitel Strasbourg, située à 4 Place Saint Pierre le Jeune, 67000, Strasbourg, France, en quelques clics sur notre page de réservation. Embarque pour un voyage culinaire et savoure des plats appétissants. Les réservations ne sont qu'à un coup de fil sur +33388154900.

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4 /5 Note moyenne

excellent terrace dinner one summer evening .service efficient and lovingly casual. Beautiful cuisine, in the eyes, in the nose and then in the palate.Beautiful associations of flavors, from the entrance to the dessert.Choice of interesting winery.Reasonable Addition, Q/P report excellent.I will wake up!

4 /5 Note moyenne

pleasant moment spent at the bar link of the hotel sofitel. beautiful cocktail creation with a very nice music in the afternoon. The bar offers tapas. There are also evenings not to be missed. We will return regularly to this beautiful place.

5 /5 Note moyenne

very good cuisine in the beautiful sofitel hotel, staff in small care. varied and alleviating map. very good table

4 /5 Note moyenne

we were regular clients since we stayed at the hotel,but it is a good bar and a true one where the alcohol variety is decent.the service is fast,the place is clean and the prices are reasonable.we loved sitting at the terrace.

4 /5 Note moyenne

Excellent hotel right in the center of Strasbourg with it's own parking which makes life easier. The rooms are very clean and the bedding very confortable. I had my continental breakfast served in the room end the bread and the croissants were excellent. There is a bar where one can have a light snack but no more than that. Otherwise there is a new restaurant, with a small menu the taste and quality is very good but too heavy to eat if you want to have a business lunch, l think that thee should be a proposal for grilled food like fish and meat. The service is a bit slow if you want to return to your office on time. May be the tables should be set with tablé cloths, a bit more restaurant look than cafeteria. The personnel is very kind and attentive. The reception personal is efficient and they make you feel welcome, they remember you from your last visit, which is pleasant for the clients. I recommend this Hotel to anybody on business or a family stay.

5 /5 Note moyenne

It was a head-to-head with my daughter. It is vegetarian, I am carnivorous.Each of us has been comblé.The kitchen is light, inventive, original.Good choice of wine in half bottle. The service is very professional and very pleasant.

3 /5 Note moyenne

Just like the hotel, this bar would be worth a good youth. efficient service, but once the bottle is served, do not count on filling the glasses. It's probably a 5-star novelty.

3 /5 Note moyenne

Sunday evening dinner in the lobby: little world, pleasant setting, beautiful evening in perspective...Las... slow and dazzling service, not too serious on Sunday evening, but especially none of these small refinements that make the charm of this type of establishment: -manque amuse-bouches en apéro( oubliées. and so demanded) - medium burger - white cheese served in small, too liquid and highly absent portion - Finally the dessert appears in a presentation worthy of a canteen, covered with a chocolate frozen by the cold and not served separately and hot as it should be. The ensemble leaves a stop-goût d'amateurisme far away from the criteria of a reference establishment that I regularly attend and to which I wanted to make my family enjoy before a week's work. I hope, especially for the large foreign clientele in this festive period, that the bar will be straightened. For my part, I'm having trouble convincing my family for a new experience.