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6 rue de la Fonderie, 31000, Toulouse, France
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Réserve ta table à Les Tetes d'Ail, située à 6 rue de la Fonderie, 31000, Toulouse, France, en quelques clics sur notre page de réservation. Embarque pour un voyage culinaire et savoure des plats alléchants. Vous souhaitez une réservation ? Composez le +33561134041, +33890210159, +33890719652.

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5 /5 Note moyenne

this restaurant offers fresh and sought-after cuisine at a very affordable price. the card/menu is reduced but it is a treat and the guarantee that everything is fresh.

5 /5 Note moyenne

After having gone there several times with friends, this time as a family I renewed the experience. I once again had a very good time. refined cuisine, a pleasant service, maps, at an affordable price. for me one of the best addresses of toulouse.

5 /5 Note moyenne

exceptional meal, we who are eager for new taste sensations. Home very pro, fast service.The dishes and flavors are beautiful!We recommend warmly.

2 /5 Note moyenne

We were advised this restaurant so we went with family. food was good and wanted but service deplorable as much by the server as the chef! Ice contact, smile resime. We clearly feel like we're taking them away by our presence! And the customer contact then? pass your path if you want a warm atmosphere.

5 /5 Note moyenne

If you are looking for a cuisine that is out of the ordinary and revisited in an intimate setting with a human size with a staff ready to change your plate in case or !!!! go there you will not be disappointed

5 /5 Note moyenne

We walked the door of this little restaurant rue de la fonderie the space of a meridian break a weekday. big unknown, in my "cognitive" map of Toulouse restaurants. slightly derogated from the great royal axis of the pharaohs (rue) restorers ranging from salins (place) to the vortex (car park rolled to the sky) from the square of the carmes, the door to the transparency of azur of this small restaurant called us. "He ho!! the garlic heads” “yes! but of bitch svp mud !! " nostalgia ? “The garlic” is the semantic art of my childhood. between local insult of a rural lomagne “face of garlic, head or trunk of garlic... garlic breath...” and the musical freshness of the sails under the wind running from emerald a sparkling garon under the heavy twigs of the southern suns that the garlic endures. Yes, well, in short, I'm going to go, let's just stay our garlic. We have furtively touched the card of our stomach pupils and under the pressure of a reduced pause, we have passed the door without reflection. pleasant surprise of the discovery. pleasant reception, quick installation, atmosphere and dark decoration, no Hollywood glitter and red carpet of the style “you’ve seen me” at the cane festival “hou hou c’est moi !! “(It’s season) to catch egos more than taste buds. brief. The chronology of the French meal follows: entry, dish, dessert (17 euros a midi, rather soft on toulouse for this type of restaurant) and a glass of wine in addition. fraicher, quality of products, meat and vegetables, sobriety and culinary research (not bling-bling-bling) which shows the added value and existence of a real cook's trav-ail linked to the love of his trade and products! hat. Charmed. beautiful artist’s work. So yes, indeed if you are a fan of the buffets at will (which I also like) and the stress generated by the fear of lack and competition of others’ plates, you will find the reduced quantities in the style of the thermal vichy. But, finally, at the "hungry" of the meal, hunger ends, finally it is my experience. the quality premiums on the quantity, the stomach on the eyes, which allows you to take the time to taste, savour, calmly, and lightly turn off the need that inspires us all until the end. hunger. Except for immortal vampires, but good he doesn’t like the “heads of garlic”.

4 /5 Note moyenne

Very nice, cozy reataurant. Small sized staff, but amazing food, good range of local wines and french wines in general. We took the midi menu for lunch, 18 euros each for three courses. Wine between 21- 50. Good coffee.

2 /5 Note moyenne

good cooking (shorts in missed entry) but the rest was good especially desserts. But fortunately there's bread. long service, empty plates. We're looking for fish under the salad. Main course! short! this team takes very seriously .to avoid (! attention to the note. a dessert billed not ordered. )