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6 Rue De Provins (at Rue De Paris), Tournan-en-brie, France, 77220, Tournan-en-Brie
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Avec nous, tu peux maintenant gratuit réserver une table en ligne, ce qui t'évite de longues attentes. Tu peux faire la réservation par téléphone ou en ligne ici directement avec nous. Nous serions très heureux de t'avoir parmi nous. Avec ta réservation de table en ligne sur notre Site avec nous, cela prend moins d'une minute ! Bien sûr, les réservations peuvent aussi être faites rapidement par téléphone portable. Avec ta réservation, tu nous aides à mieux nous préparer. Nous t'en sommes donc doublement reconnaissants !.

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the hotel is located in touringnan en brie at 6 rue de provins, in the 77, 20 minutes by paris of rer e, this bookstore (formerly a hardware store) was opened in februar 2021 by a passionate manager with 8 years experience and offers a selection of books for adults and children, manga and soon. and offers vegan pastries and a Sunday brunch. I was able to discover it with my children who were thrilled to discover this place. the last summer brunch of this brand was offered to me and it was a tasty bite! everything is homemade, the very original and crispy burger allows them to enjoy a very hearty brunch on Sunday midday. pancakes and savory waffeln really allow them to find the aromas of a real brunch! pancakes and jam orange juice coffee or tee mini-salted vegan burger the cake of the day granola of the place also offers conferences, creative workshops and themed rooms, which can accommodate for example a curse. vegan cookbooks allow them to agree with the utopian vision of this bookshop and the offered dresses. customers can therefore find recipes for what they have eaten in baked shops or with the always wise advices of fatima, the manager of this inviting brand, on the brunch. the device is constantly evolving, the filial front was decorated for example. coffee of all kinds, tee, smoothies, apple juice and good baked as biscuits, carrot cakes offered and are really delicious. I had a great time chatting with fatima about recipes, comics and books. I'm proud to have her a happycow sticker because she really deserves it. my children cannot wait to go back to see the evolutionary of this load and try the next winter brunch! In short, an essential place of the trade where they feel good before books and appetit cake for the whole family!