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Visite notre page de réservation pour réserver une table à Les Pieds Sous la Table, que tu trouveras à Route de Branne | 58 Ter, 33370 Tresses, France. Ne manque pas l'occasion de savourer remarkable des créations culinaires. Réservez votre table en appelant +33556683435.

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5 /5 Note moyenne

We ate here as a small group and all were blown away by the friendly staff and especially the food .One can have buffet entres and desserts and choose a main meal . the variety and quality of the buffet was amazing so many yummy choices to be made .. Glad they told us to see the buffet before ordering...could have dined ion that alone ..I highly recommend Not expensive bountiful good food and very friendly staff and owner made for a wonderful memorable evening .

4 /5 Note moyenne

Nice restaurant and good service. I had an hamburger which was very good. You get a good value for your money. The staff is kind and efficient.

4 /5 Note moyenne

An excellent display and very tasty fresh meals. Tried to assist us with meals for vegetarians and did a fabulous lunch! Thank you!

4 /5 Note moyenne

I like this place, as it's part of a dying breed in France that still believes in doing some cooking rather than just warming things up in a microwave or on a grill.Great, extensive and large selection in buffet form for both entrees and desserts. I saw people go back 3-4 times, even though I see this as greed- rather than need-driven. The dessert buffet is awesome, and if I wasn't avoiding sweets and sugar, I would just try them all and forget having the other 2 courses :-)Mains include a dish of the day, as well as a good choice of meat and fish dishes, and really good hamburgers.I had the cod main, served on thinly sliced fried potatoes with julienne of vegetables which was very good, and my wife had the day's special which was a lamb chop, which she also enjoyed.Good selection of local wines reasonably priced, and lots of parking in front and on the road.This place is always packed with locals and I can understand why, as we drive over 30 minutes from home to eat here.

4 /5 Note moyenne

sur la route principale, donc facile à trouver. personnel sympathique. Entrées et desserts sous forme de buffet. grand choix et portions abondantes (ainsi que se servir de l'excellent buffet) toujours un bon signe quand il y a de la population locale. notre confiance dans le bon local...Les usages souhaiteraient seulement qu'il y ait plus d'endroits comme ceux-ci qui soient imprévisibles et leur offrent une bonne nourriture honnête à un prix très raisonnable. une expérience très agréable et je le recommande.

5 /5 Note moyenne

nous cherchions un restaurant à proximité de notre hôtel et avons découvert cet endroit très agréable. nous avons choisi le buffet (avec entrées, desserts à volonté et une belle sélection de fromages à pâte dure et molle). la variété était excellente et comprenait du poisson et des fruits de mer, du porc et de la salade. des pâtes aux légumes, et bien sûr des poussins ! les desserts étaient de bonne qualité et toute notre fête est restée comblée et satisfaite. être limité par ma franchise de lycée ne posait aucun problème et le service était attentionné et agréable.

4 /5 Note moyenne

we had to go home for two hours and wanted to eat before it was too late. we left the rocade and found the restaurant by chance. the restaurant was insecure by the parked cars, but we thought it was worth a stop with so many cars. I was worried that my original to wear short (I was clean and tidy! but there was no need for care, as there was a table of four, who was dressed in a sarcotic manner! they have a choice in the evening of the à la carte or a buffet. there is a special menu for €25 per head, consisting of buffet entrees, plus à la carte and a dessert that looked good, but we were not so hungry. we chose the buffet (as much as they want, bee and dessert for 16,50 € each). I am a pain when it comes to seafood, as I would like to eat, not spend old peeling or bone fishing. my wife doesn't mind that she's smiling around, so she's had a cloak, laughs, etc. I was very happy with the selection of salat in the offer. I had roll mops, Spanish omelette, salmon and a few delicious pates. the cheeseboard had a nice selection with probably the most beautiful camenbert I had ever eaten. there were more than enough to choose with the dessert table, fresh fruit, chocolate mousse, panacotta, crumbs etc. the waiter was very attentive. the toilets were clean, but directly from the restaurant floor. I'm not sure I want to be at the table near the door. the meal costs 43.20 € including coffee. I noticed that the tipps at the cash adjacent was easily used and badly reflected on the given service. if we were in the opposite, we would go back.

5 /5 Note moyenne

we ate here as a small group and all were blown away by the friendly staff and especially the eating. you can have buffet dinners and desserts and choose a main meal. the variety and quality of the buffet was amazing so many...yummy decisions to make .. nice that they told us that we see the buffet before the order...may have denied the ion alone ..I highly recommend not expensive colorful good eating and very friendly staff and owners for a wonderful unforgettable evening.