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Lieu-dit Bernussou, 12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France
274 Avis 3.8

"I used to just love this place, but they have changed their menu recently and the portion sizes have gone down, I also think the quality is not as good. The service is always excellent"


Téléphone: +33565456034

Adresse: Lieu-dit Bernussou, 12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France

Ville: Villefranche-de-Rouergue

Site Web: http://l-entre-nous-villefranche-de-rouergue.edan.io/

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Avis: 274


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4 /5 Évaluation

another place we often eat at least once a week when we come to do our shopping. most great supermarkets in france have connected a restaurant (not like a tesco caffe its separate but inside the building) and that is next to e leclerc. the place is busy. it seems to be used by many workers (common practice in such restaurants in france) and when they come, and they will probably have to join a waiting queue. we're trying to get dead here or after something calmed down. there is a la carte menu (burger, children options, other dishes), but we go in the rule for the menu du jour, which offers courses and wein over (I forget exactly how much) its excellent value. the team will find them a seating place and if they have a child with them, they will try to get them close to the small soft play area (it can be loud, but the child for them they will always be offered an aperitif before their order is taken (kir) and the waitress pours it as they sit. she then reads the menu for her and wanders out before a senior team member comes to pick her order. the menu choices usually include one or two salads (gizzards or Roquefort cheese) maybe something like a samosa or a crown chicken. the appetizers are very generous and there is always a lot of bread. chefs are often a stew/cassrole of any kind, perhaps a piece meat or fish and served with pasta, rice or chips (they don't get any choice the meals are served with the guides) veg, if served is often overcooked, which only normally in this part of frank (I still have a restaurant that veg al dente is served) puddies the senior staff know a few words, but overall they talk to them in French and will not understand when they try to speak English to them (and why should they not eat well, but its great food at a great price.

4 /5 Évaluation

would not have thought to come here, but for recommendations from friends and because the family wanted to eat somewhere inside with air conditioning. the set menu was not disappointing, rustic salat followed by confit duck parmentier (a new one on me, but very pleasant when a...little basic). even the child pizza looked perfectly appetizing and were a decent size (they know their pizza and polished them happy). we arrived a little late and a table outside through the rotating doors would not necessarily be my first choice, but if we were to come earlier and get a table in me, I think if they could flatter them probably forget that they are in a hypermarket complex at least for a moment. very pleasantly surprised how cheap it was all. ingenious waiting staff too.

5 /5 Évaluation

On a mangé ici hier avant de s'habiller pour Noël. il a été emballé dans les sparren, mais cela n'a pas eu d'effets négatifs sur le service ou la qualité alimentaire. le plus haut de poulet avec de beaux légumes pour moi. pizza avec fromage de chèvre et miel pour lui., vin de dessert et café. pas un endroit gastronomique, mais certainement très bon et rentable et je n'ai jamais vu que les serveurs fonctionnent si dur et efficace. Bien joué.

3 /5 Évaluation

On a déjeuné l'autre semaine et ça allait. le service était rapide, il vaut bien manger, mais manger est assez normal et l'atmosphère n'est pas particulièrement inspirante. si vous cherchez une nourriture rapide, c'est bon, mais rien de spécial.

3 /5 Évaluation

I used to just love this place, but they have changed their menu recently and the portion sizes have gone down, I also think the quality is not as good. The service is always excellent