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2 rue Cauchy, 94110 Arcueil, France
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Découvre un processus de réservation sans faille à Le Passiflore, situé à 2 rue Cauchy, 94110 Arcueil, France, grâce à notre plateforme conviviale. Régale ton palais avec une cuisine succulente. Composez le +33146632323, +33890210123 pour réserver une expérience culinaire.

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4 /5 Note moyenne

with family, at 9, (7 adults and 2 children), a large table was specially prepared for us. with the aperitif it was served us some hot, hot pieces of pizza (they must be delicious.) then we tasted fried calamars dishes, an excellent osso bucco with pasta and gambas to the Mediterranean. gourmet cheese plate and to finish (for those who were still hungry) gourmet coffees, very gourmet, ice cream etc. and a good chianti to water all this (with moderation) ! Thank you to the boss who was a gentleman with little care and thank you to the chief who was excellent!

3 /5 Note moyenne

a very good evening between glue with dishes of quality. only bemol a cooking of the overcooked salmon!

5 /5 Note moyenne

very advantageous 2 courses 2 desserts and 50cl of wine 30 euros with discount and in addition it has offered us the aperitif so really advantageous !!!!!!! place very quiet good meals in a quiet place

1 /5 Note moyenne

We ate there in 2014, it was excelent. This day we went back, I returned a slut full of nerve so that he would give me a whole as inevitably. accompanied by potatoes bathing in the water. My figs were taken pizzas as much as they were getting, whisper, meat chopped as fat. 45min long waiting while we were alone in the room. apology to the addition "it's not our abitual meat supplier" but no commercial gesture. brief has been advising since the change of proprietary.

4 /5 Note moyenne

a good neighborhood restaurant, the terrace is particularly pleasant in the evening in summer. Nice welcome.

4 /5 Note moyenne

as said in a previous comment .... does not pay a mine from outside but once in, card in hand, dishes served and coffee drink .... it is excellent, entry and flat (not dessert taken) for a very reasonable price and quality dishes .... so very good value for money. a very pleasant and fast service. A detail, the room is a little noisy. but we eat well :)

4 /5 Note moyenne

This restaurant doesn't seem to be of good quality in view of the outside of the establishment, not attracting me so much, until a colleague learns about the opinions and rather positive, we decide to go. the welcome is present, we had been going a full day and the person who welcomed us, had the honesty to ask if we were in a hurry because there was a world. At least if you're in a hurry, you'll be warned. The restaurant's setting is pretty nice. Very soft. At the service level, no problem, rather normal speed, not very fast but not slow either. The dishes are very good, I took a gizzard salad, the dish is rather strong for an entrance, and in dish in duck grilled with honey, very good, a taste of barbecue sauce. The dishes are very good. a colleague's burger too is good, the chopped steak is of quality. Fries seem to be home and are good. I will come back and recommend this restaurant if you have a little time (at least 1h so few people.)

4 /5 Note moyenne

which beautiful place and reception. easy access.All is good and fresh. I'll be back soon.