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Route du Gois, 85230 Beauvoir-Sur-Mer, France, Beauvoir-sur-Mer
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Fais une réservation à Le Relais du Gois, qui se trouve à l'adresse Route du Gois, 85230 Beauvoir-Sur-Mer, France, Beauvoir-sur-Mer, grâce à notre page conviviale. Offrez-vous des saveurs savoureuses et un service impeccable. Pour une réservation rapide, composez le +33251687031.

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4 /5 Note moyenne

lunch at 3 a noon in August 2017. good experience overall despite the expectation of 20-30mn pr l'apéro. In the end the servers were patient and understanding in their turn (2 changes in my friend's opinion)., we leave good friends, and it was very good: fried mussels at the top (absenteses of the map bizarrely), royal dorade net also with tb accompaniment (black sauce safran), excellent dessert surprise (fresh pebbles rhubarb). I recommend but take time.

2 /5 Note moyenne

back on foot fishing in the sands of the goy pass, I wish to offer a drink to the friend who accompanied me. a 15.15h we set up on the beautiful terrace of the "gois relay" among the thirty customers already installed. 20 minutes are going before a young server is interested in us. He takes our order of 2 glasses of chardonnay. it comes back only 20 more minutes later, when we thought he had forgotten us. the white wine far from being refreshing is at room temperature in this 11 August afternoon. So I ask for some ice cubes to our server that tells us that the wine comes out of the fridge (undoubtedly, but it waited a quarter of an hour on the bar in the glasses). even topo for the ice that I ended up picking up at the bar where I am tended a container containing a few cubes already half melted (both too long waiting on the “zinc”) and my currency on the 20€ I gave to the server 20 minutes earlier. By the way, I find that this establishment is not lacking in personnel since I count 5 of its members around the bar. 6€ therefore the glass of “country wine” warmed without a small olive or some local snack to accompany it (here the hulls are picked up at the shovel), unconstrained service, unacceptable expectations as much as incomprehensible and to finish, ironies of the “ Patrone” in front of my disarray in the sight of the unfortunate 8€ she would give me on my 20 note. I keep here from digging the service on the nearby table that has shown great patience... the "gois relay" is for me the very representation of anti-commerce. a beautiful place where the clientele is not there to be welcomed and shocked, but to pay. dwarf frequenting the southern coast of the loire regularly, I remove this lure from my addresses to visit.Pierre Borgen.

5 /5 Note moyenne

a sublime situation a very well cooked fish meal, especially a dessert that we propose that rarely "a blow to the great marnier" perfectly successful.Chapeau to the chef pâtissier.

5 /5 Note moyenne

in a very beautiful setting, excellent csuisine with local products, eightres, merlus. A place not to be missed. but think about booking!!

4 /5 Note moyenne

the restaurant setting is welcoming and pleasant. the staff welcome is correct. the presentation of the dishes is worthy of a gourmet restaurant. The dishes taken this day (no menu but à la carte) have been delicious but in reduced quantity. The bread panter was screwed. The service is very professional and pleasant. The panorama with views of the gois and the island of blackcurrant leaves is superb.We will return there.

4 /5 Note moyenne

pleasantly surprised to accept us for lunch at 7 while it was already 14:30!!! we simply chose 2 meals children and 5 fried mussels for adults. We didn't regret it. Very well presented, well seasoned and hot.Quick service and attentive staff changing the plates for empty shells on several occasions. Then we finished with different desserts as perfect. In short pleasant lunch with view of the rising tide on the gois (with at this moment rescue by rescue and two boats of two wrecked cyclists). Good value for money.

4 /5 Note moyenne

We were on August 3 after a day in blackmail and we had a good night. the map is not varied but it was enough for the menus! very good menu at 21,50€ with an entry Jamaican salad of sale; merlu plate with very good sauce and potatoes; dessert millefeuille apples and caramel. very good meal, very nice and attentive staff. and the restaurant offers a beautiful view of the passage of the gois

5 /5 Note moyenne

whether it is a menu or a map everything is fresh and high quality, it does at least 20 times as we go there and always the same pleasure! all the people with whom we went there are delighted ! a report quality extraordinary price ......