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Quai des baux, 13260 Cassis, France
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Découvre un processus de réservation sans faille à Le Canaille, situé à Quai des baux, 13260 Cassis, France, grâce à notre plateforme conviviale. Régale ton palais avec une cuisine appétissante. Un appel à +33442017236 suffit pour réserver.

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4 /5 Note moyenne

We visited without reservation for dinner, but they managed to squeeze us in. We chose oysters, crab and prawns. All very tasty and superfresh. The aioli was so good- with a hint of mustard?,)( and the vinegar was good as well. The bred was ok. All good, except the waiters (very Nice, but only two of them?) were working like crazy to keep it all together. So it was quite a wait to pay, or to get in contact for other things. Would go back for sure!

1 /5 Note moyenne

A part from the sea food, which was barely acceptable, the rest was a nightmare. Frozen meat, horrible risotto, terrible salads (not even sure they know how to spell octopus,) the service was the cherry on the cake ... a real disgrace.a rip off, just felt being treated as an animal, and I am sure most animals are treated better than that.probably the worst restaurant I have been in a long time.

3 /5 Note moyenne

Enjoyed the meal here for the most part. The Daurade grille' was excellent. Other offerings OK. Great Cassis wine, but it is available everywhere. The waiter Henri was so friendly, pleasant and polite. He should get a raise. There is lots of competition on the marina, such a lovely location. Le Canaille could do some things to make it a bit better.

1 /5 Note moyenne

In two weeks driving through France this was by far the worst meal we had, and terrible value. On the plus side: 6 oysters were tasty. Other people's seafood platters looked spectacular, maybe that's what they are good at? Cold beer, coke, wine were all much appreciated.On the downside, pretty much everythjng else was disappointing.Filthy plates, glasses, cutlery.Did our main waiter pass the 'Do I really think this guy is conscientious about washing his hands after going to the toilet' test?. Sadly, he did not inspire confidence in this area, nor seem like he cared about anything more than getting done and out asap. After two weeks holiday in France, I've eaten a lot of salad nicoise, this was the worst of the lot.Risotto gambas: like a tin of ambrosia creamed rice with two stingy prawns bunged on top. Genuinely the worst risotto I've eaten in my life. They made excuses about cremosa but I'm not buying it. It was just awful food.Overall, for the (high) price we got shoddy service and bad food. We had a nice meal next door the day before, should have gone back there. Note to proprietor: dont waste your time insulting me in your response like you have other honest low score reviewers. You're a ripoff merchant and you know it. Park your ego, stop damaging people's holidays and spend the time improving your business. Who knows, you might make even more more money if you ran a good restaurant!

5 /5 Note moyenne

Excellent little restaurant on the port. I had see food and a chocalately chocolate pie. But highlight was Henri, the waiter. Very funny, very nice, very quick, very efficient. Loved it and recommend it 1000 times.

5 /5 Note moyenne

Great service friendly staff try the oysters :) Loved the place Amazing view on the port Place to go !!!

4 /5 Note moyenne

We took our almost 3yr old here for lunch. Great view of the harbor, hard working staff and a simple menu. We sat under a masauce tree and the seafood was being opened next to us. We created our own platter of seafood, the selection of oysters was fantastic and tasted fantastic. The prawns looked as good as they tasted too. Our son was well looked after. We would definitely recommend this place.

1 /5 Note moyenne

I went to this restaurant last year as we had quite good experience from the previous season. But apparently the crew had changed because the food quality decreased a lot (the fish was very dry with no taste; other guests were even directly complaining to a waiter.) But the worst was still to come. We orded a meal of the day which had a special price (they even brought a huge board with special offers at the very beginning.) But when it came to paying - on the bill there was a regular (much much higher price.) We told the waiter that there was a mistake, he started pretending that he did not know what we were talking about and said that we would go for he chief. Then the chief was asking what is the problem, where we can see other price (!!!!!) - although it was still on the board (already taken few meters away.) It was evident that they wanted to use the fact that we were relaxed and they hoped we would not notice the difference (around 23 euros if I remember correctly.) The most irritating thing was that the next day we saw exactly the same board with exactly the same offer - so I am sure they managed to cheat many tourists that way.