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2 quai du Pont Neuf, 56700 Hennebont, France
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Réserve ta table à Le bistrot du viaduc, située à 2 quai du Pont Neuf, 56700 Hennebont, France, en toute simplicité en utilisant la page de réservation. Réserve maintenant et laisse-toi tenter par des plats délectables. Réservez votre table en appelant +33297362514, +33296859500.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

Oui déçus.On nous avait prévenus, rien à voir avec les précédents propriétaires.Points forts : l'accueil par le responsable et celui du serveur fort sympathique. Et la vue en arrière salle à demander à la réservation si vous le souhaitez.Musique ambiance guinguette et bruyant c'était un dimanche. On aime ou pas.Points faibles : plus de nappe, ni de set sans doute pour retrouver l'esprit toujours guinguette ou à la bonne franquette. serviettes à carreaux à petits trous dans les plis, un peu négligeant tout de même.Le chèvre chaud servi sur une salade trop vinaigrée et assiette creuse ?En revanche excellente viande de qualité à 26€ le plat.Un conseil, comme nos amis, cet établissement est très décontracte et effectivement il ne faut pas comparer avec les anciens. Sinon en bonne compagnie tout passe en ce temps maussade.....

2 /5 Note moyenne

a family pass, a lunch break between noon. a so-called rumsteack paved that was difficult to swallow and accompanied by some fries for a very high price. The other dishes were hardly better. We were still hungry when we left. I'm sorry I stopped there.

4 /5 Note moyenne

the waitress and waitress are very pleasant, the dishes are fresh and very cheap, really a very good brewery especially in times of very strong tourist frequentation, I would return there without hesitation!

3 /5 Note moyenne

I preferred the time or would like the "bistrot of the viaduct" the waitresses were very nice, always for the customers while now stopped...No... the young waitress never smiles, and the bosses no longer and the kitchen really too simple. I took a croc, sir. He really had no taste. He said frozen. In short, I recommend this address now.

5 /5 Note moyenne

a very good waitress and a good waitress a very good recommendation to go to eat the noon a quick and good service a pleasant atmosphere I advise you to come to hear you in front of a glass or a meal more it does not call the paelo but the talao

1 /5 Note moyenne

a friend had recommended it to me, but management changed, it is a simple bar-tabac-press now and is called paleo. He no longer eats, and the waitress was not at all kind or smiling.

3 /5 Note moyenne

Meal served fast but of a rather average quality, I took a tatin tart of mozzarella tomato in entered rather good but unsealed with a green salad no first young. a chicken dish with curry, good but no more. for twelve euros. nothing exeptional and expensive.

4 /5 Note moyenne

I’m not used to writing my opinion on the internet, however the commentary of carine forced me to react. for me, I was very surprised by the kitchen of this little beer bar. the frame is modern and the service has never been unpleasant ... on the contrary. I saw, many experiences, a non-pretentious brewery, family, with its flaws and qualities but always in a desire to do well and with a fresh, seasonal and more worthy of a restaurant than a classic brewery. concerning the price quality ratio, a menu entered/dish/ dessert for 15 euros is very far from being overcoated. I would recommend it without any hesitation, but it's a frequentation of it. You judge!