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Assure-toi une table à McDonald's, situé à Centre Commercial de Bocaud, 34830 Jacou, France, en utilisant notre page de réservation sans tracas. Plonge dans un monde de délectables. Un appel à +33467595220 suffit pour réserver.

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1 /5 Note moyenne

living next to the jacou mcdo, I can say that it degrades from day to day, some managers speak badly, take us for fools, send us to ball, I even saw a customer throwing a tray in the figure so she missed respect, the fries are sometimes cold and not often dirty, simply warmed, the amability remains to be desired, you must constantly check our orders product breaks are not reported and we are not notified to the ordering for toys for example. They're using liquid ice cream and they don't mind. So I don't recommend it for me because taking people for fools is not for me, a shame because there are still a few people from the bottom who are smiling tjrs and especially kind, I wouldn't go there anyway!

2 /5 Note moyenne

We wanted to take our little children to take an ice cream at the Do mac.It was impossible to find a clean table. There were very few people, and yet the majority of the tables and benches were defiled. The command arrives with 2 out of 5 errors, errors repaired pretty quickly. A manager (I think) shows a waitress that the trash can overflow. No hesitation, it pushes back into the trash that exceeds and gives a towel on the front and top of the trash and in the continuous momentum with the same towel the cleaning of a table. Yes, one table next to the trash. It's really dirty, we're not coming back.

1 /5 Note moyenne

a priori, fast food is the ideal food when we are pressed by time. not to jacou with their new concept!!!Trop waiting! and the order was not complete. The garbage was overflowing and not a smile from the team!just disappointing!!

1 /5 Note moyenne

Huge waiting time at the drive while I'm the only car... not the kind tt for the command. I don't recommend that.

1 /5 Note moyenne

badly served menus, there's always something missing, sandwiches are mounted no matter how and how, unpleasant staff!

1 /5 Note moyenne

You'll order at a terminal, you'll wait. and you're served. cold. Fries are soft, hot dog sticking. Anyway, it's gross. the staff is siding, impassible and ignorant. bof, like the manager and his sandwiches: soft! All soft! fleeing

1 /5 Note moyenne

advice, always check your drive order. It's simple, I've never had a full order in this restaurant ('maybe 15 passages over 3 years) when only the straws are missing, or the sauces are fine. However, when you get a big mac with chicken instead of the steacks, or the sandwiches are cold and dried, it becomes irrespicuous and dangerous. I say I've been in this restaurant for years, and despite the change of staff, things don't work out. Maybe one day burger king will solve this problem.

2 /5 Note moyenne

several menus order and many forgetful sauces, dvd with menus we need to claim yogurts to drink and fruit because forget also. too many people on the same order so errors. Unfortunately it was the closest one.