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Assure-toi une table à Manhattan, situé à Disney's Hotel New York, Lognes, France, en utilisant notre page de réservation sans tracas. Plonge dans un monde de plats appétissants. La réservation est facile - composez simplement +33160304050.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

as a family group of adult and young children. we had breakfast and dinner while we stayed in the hotel. the staff was excellent and very helpful. the disposable system layout for the breakfast didn't work well. eating was good for the evening meal, but very limited, which was so not good for the younger.

4 /5 Note moyenne

restaurant situé dans l'art de l'hôtel merveilleux avec une carte plutôt italienne. Ambiance agréable, relaxante et confortable. Nous avons pris le risotto de fruits de mer qui était très bon ainsi qu'un très bon désert aussi bien. Cela dit pour nous, c’est un peu cher pour ce que c’est le plat pour le risotto il fait le riz cher! Nous le recommandons encore.

1 /5 Note moyenne

beautiful place, much potential, but the menu/kitch needs a great upgrade. that is disneyland not a michael star restaurant. children go to you. please fix the child menu. caps in a child starter? - I have pasta? Yes, al dente. the lasagne was on the tooth. it was raw. send it back and have the same. Do you like italian? please not here.

5 /5 Note moyenne

booked to eat here in the face of the Marvel refit and was not disappointed! the waitress was very helpful with milk-free options and I could find a vegan product for any cursor. we enjoyed eating very much and it was just our favorite meal. the whole trip. starter: vegan minestrone suppe. parma ham, obst senf and tigelle (Modena style flatbread) net: buckwheat pasta), pistachio pesto, fresh tomatoes and porcini mushrooms. huhn saltimbocca (chicken pieces wrapped in ham) and say sauce (you could then choose a side to go with it) desserts we have both ordered dark chocolate and olive oil cream, hazelnut crumble and pears cooked with vanilla. everything was hot, delicious and I still regret not eating everything, my pasta!

1 /5 Note moyenne

I had never stood up and left a restaurant without ending my eating in my life. we have come to disneyland to celebrate my birthday and have made a reservation here full of expectativas. it took more than an hour to sit to our...main courses and two hours after the arrival we had not yet received a desert. service that I have ever seen. the staff was nice and spoke several languages. but the speed is not its strength. in terms of eating our burrata and the huh were simply in order (not excellent, but the burrata was cool cold), although the largest piece of shin had red spots inside. my children eat and years old), but was disgusting and disrespectful; the so-called “Parma ham” (which usually loves my son) was the cheapest and most raw ham I have ever seen, it was too thick to even be enjoyed by me. the lasagne. I won't call it that. it was prepared from dried pasty products which were not hydrogenated before assembly; the chef also chose several cases of two layers of teigware with nothing between them. the ragú was also dry. the result is a plate that is extremely dry (and undercooked when they use dried pasta, it has to cook some liquid inside for them). they could still see the raw smolina (the one that was used to avoid pasta in order to keep themselves on drying) in this salsa-less beschamel-less layer. I don't know how it was done, but hours later I can still feel this feeling in my neck. Of course we gave the children our main courses so they could eat something. none of us could end this terrible and overpriced eating. did I mention that everything was served cold? the worst part was that we even had to pay the price difference (we had half a rent), because what could go wrong with a lasagne?

1 /5 Note moyenne

we sit here and I praise the will to live. my hunch is raw. I've been here since and it's now the lasagne is not ordering dry. the drinks took minutes to get in, and I hadn't had mine yet. my family is tired and has enough. we said it was my birthday of neffen and they forgot. don't go here.

1 /5 Note moyenne

When we eventually got our soups they were cold , the mains were also cold and the lasagna was drowned in oil , the waiter was slow and the food was very over priced for what you get, no compensation was offered for the and service even though my sister Could not even eat her lasagna and was still charged full price. Not worth the money at all. Avoid..

3 /5 Note moyenne

As a family group of adults and young grandchildren. We had breakfast morning and Evening meals while we stayed at the hotel. The staff were excellent and were very helpful. The one-way system layout for breakfast did not work well. was good for the evening meal but very limited which so not good for the younger ones