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Pestillat, 47370 Masquieres, France, Masquières
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Réserve ta table à Tapas a Masquieres, situé à Pestillat, 47370 Masquieres, France, Masquières, grâce à notre service de réservation convivial. Profite de simple pour réserver une table. Vous souhaitez une réservation ? Composez le +33622805820.

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But if I can't get in next time I book, I'll regret telling you about it.We phoned on the off-chance when a group of us decided to get supper together. Luckily it was a busy local party night with an official dinner in the next village so we managed to get in.The setting is fabulous - the covered terrace of a private house in a stunning bit of countryside with delicious views.The charming owners welcomed us and we just asked them to bring a selection of tapas. We ate 6, then ordered another 6. and it was so good we ordered another 6.The food was varied - a chilli with sauerkraut, goat cheese in pastry, spaghetti in a sauce, meatballs - and delicious. Bank on three tapas per head for a really good meal - they are around €5 a go. Served with lots of bread, a decent local rosé wine and sparkling water, the bill came in at under €18 each.This is the quirky sort of place that we'll take visitors to throughout the summer. A new favourite!

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ordinary restaurants in francs, of course, are a lot to find, but tapas a masquires, right near fumel, is just different. Tapas, the word says it's already a lot of tiny bites you combine yourself. Guri the cook really does everything himself, and you're testing that he's been brewing almost every day that they're open something special, so let's ask. irma speaks French, of course, but also duital and angels, for "the tourist" among us is easy once in a while. 'Cause the restaurant's actually only open in summer, so you're gonna eat on the waranda without more of a touch if you want to eat something else like a regular restaurant.

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a must-see passage every year for a magical moment. enchanting place, magnificent view, excellent and original cuisine and warm welcome of the bosses all is gathered for a beautiful evening. no dishes to recommend all are to taste. only because of the fact of home. only happiness!

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It sounds original, but you can go without any hesitation. very good reception, friendly setting and tapas of very good quality. A great moment of pleasure.

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that is very rare: creative, fantastic delicious dishes, an original location and a perfect service. delicious wines from the region round the food optimally. thanks to the Tapas team for unforgettable evenings!

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The setting is fabulous and truly unique. Stunning scenery with brilliant arts and crafts furnishings dotted around. We have never eaten anywhere like it before and doubt we ever will again. The hosts, husband and wife were truly brilliant and lovely people, we have never felt more welcome before. Made to feel like the only people in the restaurant. The food was simply fantastic, a unique spin on tapas that has been picked up from their world travels. We will certainly be visiting again. Couldn't recommend this lovely place high enough - A true 5*

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in a very charming setting and with an atypical deco, delicious tapas prepared with regional fresh products! Go and see your eyes closed!

5 /5 Note moyenne

We ate here four times during our two week French holiday - it is that good! The main menu contains some lovely dishes, but there are also different specials on offer each day, and everything we tasted was excellent. The local wine, sold by the carafe, is also vey good. You are assured of a very warm welcome from hosts Irma and Guri who do all the cooking and the serving - if you are staying close by, we would thoroughly recommend you pay a visit to this superb little restaurant in the depths of the French countryside.