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31 rue de la Liesserie, 77630 Saint-Martin-en-Biere, France, Saint-Martin-en-Bière
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Réserve ta table à Les Folies Burgers, située à 31 rue de la Liesserie, 77630 Saint-Martin-en-Biere, France, Saint-Martin-en-Bière, en quelques clics sur notre page de réservation. Embarque pour un voyage culinaire et savoure des plats alléchants. Composez le +33623404299 pour réserver une expérience culinaire.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

While I had booked 9 burgers for my daughter's birthday, the boss called me at 11:00 to announce that she couldn't honor my order because she had just been robbed at her home. .. terrible night forced to find a brossier plan to satisfy the appetite of teenagers the next day. Since no news, no damage to me. I didn't go back.

4 /5 Note moyenne

the hamburgers are very good .... victim of their difficult success to place order in the evening .... anticipate in advance his burger evening :) ....

5 /5 Note moyenne

Eyes closed. go to their facebook page to see their availability and for us it is almost every Tuesday in the Queen Chapel. homemade bread, fresh meat, fresh fries etc etc. it is a delight and in addition the couple is always super smiling. Be careful if you taste burger's madness it will be finished for other fast food. I'll be on Tuesday next.

5 /5 Note moyenne

Every Tuesday we say we're going to eat tonight. And then we're going to crack! .they are so good their burgers and they are so nice: please go!

5 /5 Note moyenne

too good and the bosses his super cool we go every Friday dammarie the lys qualite price excellent

5 /5 Note moyenne

a super food truck, the managers are super warm and their kitchen is just too good, quantity and quality at the top

5 /5 Note moyenne

we have tested and particularly appreciated their kindness and quality of prepared burgers. we recommend !! :)

4 /5 Note moyenne

never disappointed ... by the proposed map (with tasty vegetal burgers)the punctuality of the phones commandsThe ease of knowing where the truck is located thanks to the page fbet also by the smiling welcome and always at the top!!