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Visite notre page de réservation pour réserver une table à La Tour des Sens, que tu trouveras à La Tour, 38570 Tencin, France. Ne manque pas l'occasion de savourer divine des créations culinaires. Assurez-vous une table en appelant +33476047967.

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5 /5 Note moyenne

I watched the chef winning the 2017 Top Chef show in France and I found him really talented, but I was blown away by his restaurant. The food was great, the location is lovely and the personnel is friendly and effient.

5 /5 Note moyenne

we had an excellent dinner, tasteful and creative. The new young chef (less than 6 months) is talented. service could be improved a bit by bringing food with drink at aperitif time. good price quality value.

4 /5 Note moyenne

Ambitious talented chef serving nicely balanced creative dishes combining ingredients and tastes well together. The service was professional. Despited having opened only 15days earlier and with a fully booked restaurant (approx 25 couverts), the service was fluent and nearly flawless. The first wine (1 glas) we had chosen was not up to our expectations and the staff made no problem to replace the wine with a different wine at no charge. The appetiser (mise en bouche) gratin dauphinois re-invented was uninspiring with too much garlic and we thought we made a mistake but then when the first course came we were immediately saw what the chef was capable for and were very pleased till the end. The chef came to personally great us at the end and solicited feedback. We were 2p and each took a different menu (4 course Tour d' Horizon at 44eur + 5 course Diapason at 64eur) so we could share and taste a maximum of dishes and were pleased with all. Highly recommended

5 /5 Note moyenne

The chef has an extraordinary talent with the combination of flavours. We have eaten here on many occasions and have never been disappointed. Each time being equally impressed as our first experience at the restaurant. The waiting staff are very friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgable about the menu and the origin of the ingredients. They make every effort to satisfy the client. The attention to detail is first class.A truly talented chef supported by an equally talented serving staff.

4 /5 Note moyenne

We went there in winter so the terrace was closed which left few tables inside. Even though there was one large group and a family with kids, it was not too noisy and we were in a quiet corner. The staff was very friendly. Overall the food was very good except for a few experiments that I did not like so much (e.g. chocolate mouse with beetroot as desert); I appreciate the creativity but the taste is still wat matters most.

1 /5 Note moyenne

My Belgian girlfriend - this should have already established by appreciation of fine food (the very best eating is done in Belgium) and my superb taste in women - and I live to eat!We have had the good fortune to have eaten in many of the world's most accomplished restaurants including the Number 1 rated restaurant in the entire world: El Celler de can Roca which should be rated higher than Number 1.My Belgian girlfriend is also a passionate paraglider - nobody is perfect - and last September she invited me to sleep in her car (only the best for us) and attend the ICARE Paragliding Festival near the town of CROLLES - which sounds a little like a skin disease, and is.The festival was cancelled because the wind was not cooperating, so I suggested a fine lunch instead. Not around here she replied, the restaurants are terrible. As it turns out she was wrong. We stopped into a bar and asked where was the best place to eat and we were told to go to La Tour Des Sens. In brief: it was wonderful! So good we made plans to return as soon as our busy schedule allowed for the locally reputed: "Chef's Table".WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH L'ENVOL DES SAVEURS...We live about two hours drive from La Tour des Sens which necessitated a night's stay in the PRADOTEL (one of the most disappointing breakfasts I have ever refused to eat) in Crolles, so when we arrived at La Tour des Sens and found the restaurant CLOSED we were already committed to the hotel as we had checked in and used the facilities.We were committed and I was ready to be committed. I was livid. I am a red-headed Scot who lost his hair forty years ago but not his temper. I obviously can't repeat the language I used to describe the incompetence, rudeness, arrogance of the owners of La Tour de Sens, to leave us totally stranded, not to mention the cost of the fuel, the night in the hotel, twenty euros wasted on breakfast etc. etc.What were we to do?My girlfriend repeated that there were no good restaurants in the area and I was about to believe her and hire an arsonist to burn down La Tour des Sens when we stumbled upon L'Envol des Saveurs... where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner for a fraction of what it would have cost in La Tour des Sens.If you are in the area for business or for jumping off the side of mountains hanging precipitously beneath the equivalent of a bed sheet - GO THERE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.As for the Pradotel, it is probably the best hotel in the area - but that is not saying much.As for La Tour des Sens THE OWNER HAS OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE NIGHT IN THE PRADOTEL. You can't be fairer than that. But, even though the poor man had an accident during "prep" for the evening (always assuming he didn't cut his arm off with a cleaver) I think I would have found a way with the help of my assistants to have carried on regardless. Stiff British upper lip and all that nonsense.The money does not make up for the four hours of driving, a miserable night in a miserable hotel room that cost the same as The Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and the sheer disappointment of not enjoying an evening with the chef.

5 /5 Note moyenne

We came here for Wednesday lunch and were able to enjoy the 24 Euro market day menu, which was just wonderful. We had a warm welcome, a table on the terrace with stunning views of the valley and two 'courses' of inventive and delicious amuses - 1. melon mousse with port foam, radish foam on toast, cheese and caraway biscuit and 2. smoked salmon in a tatziki foam, all beautifully presented and delicious. And then the meal! The starter (no choice) was a beautiful arrangement of prawns, chorizo, peppers and rocket, with a rocket sorbet. The mains were 1. rabbit with mushrooms and pesto - delicious and beautiful, and 2. cod with a tower of anchovies and potatoes - also delicious, but the olive tapenade made it a bit too salty for me. The dessert (no choice) was a hot red fruit crumble with a sorbet on top, and a red fruit salad in a minty juice - all delicious. And with our coffee we had three rhubarb items - rhubarb compote in a chocolate case, rhubarb mousse and a tiny chocolate sponge with a piece of rhubarb in it. Amazing! The whole meal was a delight for the eye as well as the palate. I seem to have overused the word 'delicious' , I'm afraid - but everything was! And the staff were lovely, too - efficient, friendly and interested. We would definitely recommend this restaurant.

4 /5 Note moyenne

Facing the Grand Chartreuse and the Dent de Crolles mountains, this restaurant offers a breathtaking panoramic view. In the middle of nowhere, you will find peace and relaxation. Perfect for a diner's lover or for business, the restaurant offers a sophisticated and well-designed food. Here, won't be disturbed like most of Michelin restaurants with a team of people surrounding you. The service is professional but very discreet. And about the food, well, it is well thought and created nicely. The portions are decent and tasteful. Each product can be tasted in the dish but without being overpowering. It gives a feeling of traditional flavor mixed with today's technics and design. It is refined without excess. Well, a one-star Michelin deserved but the challenge remains. Either by maintaining the standard or to fight for another star. Only time will tell but one can be assured, right now, you can book a table and just enjoy it. The price is reasonable, so no excuse to be given to stop and enjoy a meal if you pass nearby.