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36 Place Montfort | 84110 Vaison-la-Romaine, 84110 Vaison-la-Romaine, France
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Réserve ta table à Restaurant O' Natur'elles, située à 36 Place Montfort | 84110 Vaison-la-Romaine, 84110 Vaison-la-Romaine, France, en quelques clics sur notre page de réservation. Embarque pour un voyage culinaire et savoure des plats alléchants. Appelez +33490658167 pour réserver une table tout de suite.

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4 /5 Note moyenne

We arrived in this restaurant around the 1320 and were well received by the patrons. They offered two dishes: vegetarian plate and chicken with potato gratin, we enjoyed each other with both dishes. everything is made home, even desserts ( plum pies and panna cotta with vine peaches). organic cuisine, well prepared, as at home for a very suitable price ( 17 euros flat and dessert) !

5 /5 Note moyenne

the o' natur they, held by an exclusively female team, is an institution engaged in a bio and balanced approach from end to end. engaged not only in the kitchen but also in all that constitutes this place, until the details. For example, you will find various advertisements related to sourvedic massages, a wine estate engaged in organic farming, soap in toilets made from organic apples, to organic powder sugar and from fair trade. It is not a restaurant surfing on the organic wave and veggie of the moment but a real personal approach that the team wants to share. The places are decorated with paintings representing nature, mostly or almost exclusively. the walls are of apple or beige color, the ground is grey, the chairs are comfortable and the tables for two large enough not to be tight. We were well-installed. The reception and service are charming and attentive. the capacity of the restaurant is about 35 places, the terrace being quite small. Better book. the menu is reduced to the maximum: two dishes and desserts. the dishes are relatively copyy and are suitable for the veggie enthusiasts. My wife ordered the vegetarian plate exactly. a beautiful, high-colored and greedy plate: lentils, cold ratatouille, grated carrots (or red cabbage), cold pistou soup, homemade cherry tomato quiche (to which of the crunch in the form of pine nuts is brought), some green salad leaves and a large slice of watermelon. fruit and vegetables carefully chosen during this summer period. everything had taste and was prepared with fresh ingredients. On my side, I ordered the linen net aïoli. the fish was boiled and not covered with any sauce, naturally. He was very tender. the aïoli was raised (the term is male as opposed to what people think) because of a strong presence of garlic. here, the cheffe did not seek to make original (unlike the fish that is cod in general), it was held at the traditional recipe even if the aïoli was missing egg yellow in the light of its color.As for the vegetables that accompanied it (carrots, potatoes, zucchini and pears), these were cooked steam or in the sea bath and husbands It goes very well with the Ioli and, moreover, with the image of the restaurant. Not wishing dessert, we finished lunch with a hot drink. finally, warm for my tea sencha with pale green (yellow) color pleasant. On the other hand, my wife's coffee was warm and had a taste of burned caramel. We reported it. the waitress immediately acknowledged the problem, offered another coffee to my wife and did not count on the addition. Then she even refused to serve him because the machine had a problem. a perfectly appropriate response and in no way minimize our experience. Lunch is offered at a rate of 13 euros for the dish alone, 17 euros for the dish-dessert formula. the value for money is excellent given the quality of the ingredients, the charming welcome and the professionalism. In the evening, a more varied menu is offered based on large vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes and other sweet-salted dishes for some.

4 /5 Note moyenne

a flat midi formula dessert at 17€ with simply a choice between the dish of the day and a vegetarian plate. This guarantees fresh products. We took the dish of the day, aïoli linen net, all steamed. The fish cooking was very good. cooking the perfect vegetables, the aïoli missed a little flavor. chocolate foam was very good, it would have just deserved to be protected by food movie when it wisely waits for its client in refrigerated window so as to avoid the top hardening. a good address for who wants good products (bio, fresh, season, local) cooked in simplicity.

4 /5 Note moyenne

greeted as the kitchen closed and the restaurants of the old town had refused us (20:30 a Sunday of August)Breaking organic, tasty and reasonable plates. Nice wine. Thank you.

5 /5 Note moyenne

We came in at all chance to ask if there was a free table. The room is small. The fact of the home has attracted us as well as the frame. We were served quickly while it was the lunch service.The dishes were good and well presented.

2 /5 Note moyenne

The welcome is deplorable, we are not calculated, asking if there was room inside, the waitress only tells us out, place available sunny, we are used a tidy water carafe after asking for water. my friend takes the lamb with a fine slice of a few millimeters of thickness, served with 3 4patates, as for me, I take the vegetarian plate (not what to roll around ), a little light on the quantities, we were hungry, we made the notice to the waitress who replied to us seen the price that you have paid 13€, we must not expect more, no psychology, no senses Restoration is a real business that does not improvise, when one does not feel able to satisfy a clientele one leaves room for real professionals. My friend knew this place last year, seemed to you that it has been well down since, and yet nothing is acquired, nice location damage.

4 /5 Note moyenne

Well, it's true that one of the waitresses won't win the smile prize this year, that she took the order of two tables coming after us, or even three there's debate. which is relatively annoying. But good, if you come to eat fresh, good, you're in the right place. our two vegetarian salads were excellent, quickly served despite the padding of the beginning, and the delicious coffee and then the other people taking care of the room and the kitchen are absolutely charming. prices are reasonable and the room is air conditioned sufficiently but not too much. Frankly, it's a good little restaurant.

2 /5 Note moyenne

We already have three times that we come to this restaurant with a tendency organic and vegetarian.For us local, it will be the last since the reception is more than mediocre, the carafe of water was hot and the bread in insufficient quantity, not to mention the location in full sun, a day of canicle!For what is plates, they are more and lighter and for the epicure that I am, the meat The reception and restoration are real trades... that learn!