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Le Diable Sur Le Pont réservation de table

Le Diable Sur Le Pont

11 Place De La Mairie, Saint-Jean-de-Fos, France

We decided to stop here to eat as it was very busy in St. Guilhem and we (wrongly assumed that the latter would be more expensive. There are a few restaurants in this sleepy square in St. Jean. It was bout 2:30pm in the afternoon and this...was the only restaurant which was serving (we enquired at the other 2 . The menu was limited (but that was ok with us to moules frites, chicken (avec frites and salad, all at 12:50 euro. My partner chose the moules and after enquiring about the salad (it would have cheese according to the waiter I chose this. After a reasonable length of time (there was one other couple at the restaurant at the time our food arrived. I was shocked to see my 12:50 euro salad.. a few shreds of iceberg lettuce, a couple a very then slices of anaemic tomato and a sliver of cucumber, with a few squirts of a vinaigrette (home made I doubt?! on top and an (artistic?! flurry around the edge of the shreds. Honestly McDonalds would have done much better, would have been fresher and would have cost a fraction of the price (unless in dire straits I do not eat at McDonalds! . In August in this part of France you are surrounded by wonderful markets overflowing with wonderful fruit and vegetables, (though devoid of iceberg lettuce! . This made their offering all the more incredible. My partner's moules were edible but the portion size was too small for a main course. We had to ask for bread but he was almost finished by the time it arrived. Before leaving I asked to speak to the manager and expressed my disbelief. No refund was forthcoming just a lot of hand waving. It was the worst case of a restaurant rip off I have come across with no willingness to refund or in any way appease the customer (some places might offer you a free glass of wine or a desert or something . I can only say don't eat here!