Le Cocodile

Le Cocodile - Réserver une table

47 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice, France
3901 Avis 3.9

"Amazing food and great service! Highly recommend it._Italian waiter was very good with my family."


Téléphone: +33493444296

Adresse: 47 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice, France

Ville: Nice

Site Web: http://www.lecocodile.fr/

Heures d'ouverture

Lundi: 08:30-23:00

Mardi: 08:30-23:00

Mercredi: 08:30-23:00

Jeudi: 08:30-23:00

Vendredi: 08:30-23:00

Samedi: 08:30-23:00

Dimanche: 08:30-23:00


Plats: 70

Commodités: 23

Catégories: 5

Avis: 3901


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5 /5 Évaluation

We visit this restaurant at lunchtime about once a week, on the sunniest winter days. It has a pretty and partially shelterd balcony, from which they serve a wide brasserie menu. In general we pick one of the daily specials, such as Pot au Feu,,...Scallops on paella rice, Souris d'agneau, Osso Buco or escalope de veau. The clientele is local indoors (keeping warm even at in furs and jackets), and still local outdoors, because although it's on promenade des Anglais it is just outside the city centre. The chef is quite talented, with great use of herbs and sauces, and a ratatouille to die for. And if you are not worried about death then try the Ile Flottante or Mousse au Chocolat, available in a lunchtime deal 'formule Always good, and sometime excellent food and ambiance..

1 /5 Évaluation

Want a glass of wine well sitting along the Promenade? Don't even think about le cocodile. Incredibly, they somehow believe that EUR for a pichet of house wine is fair! Seems they are trying to make up for more than a year...of Covid restrictions in a couple of weeks. Sorry, we won't be amongst the suckers contributing to this blatant scam.

5 /5 Évaluation

We arrived to Nice very late after a 22 hour travel day, and the manager kindly welcomed us for dinner, even though the kitchen was about to close.

4 /5 Évaluation

We had lunch here and I ordered a mix of the Croquettes- 6 different onesMy favorites were the salmon, pear/goat cheese/honey and fig/prosciutto.

5 /5 Évaluation

Amazing food and great service! Highly recommend it._Italian waiter was very good with my family.