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81 rue Pierre Delore, 69008, Lyon, France
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Assure-toi une table à Le Carnel, situé à 81 rue Pierre Delore, 69008, Lyon, France, en utilisant notre page de réservation sans tracas. Plonge dans un monde de plats appétissants. Les réservations ne sont qu'à un coup de fil sur +33472732215, +33890719889.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

3.5/5 in truth! I can't put "very good" the same. First time in this restaurant, not attracting by its front or obviously by the neighborhood. But we don't always choose where friends want to dine, so we go in, and so much better!At first we stay dubitative in front of the yellow plasticized card recto verso where several dishes are packed with many pizzas, not to mention the slates scattered above the bar and hung on the wall! the boss offers a good home that is suitable for this simple place, the waitress taking the relay well in the room where they show themselves effective and listening. obvious choice of 4 cheeses. low fat, non-scracking fine paste or dry, cheeses melt well between them and the quantity is correct. the benefits are two but their sizes and the whipped treat us, we even suspect a realisation of the house, that is to say! The Lyon wine in pot is very hot but we will largely forgive the impair, so usual in the Lyon restaurants of this range. In short, I advise you to make your own opinion if you live not far, or if you pass before in the week and wish to judge by yourself! No need to book. We smile: before the unfounded fear of not eating properly. you grimace: not to understand everything in the restaurant's culinary orientation...Any card and multiple slates, you lose a bit.We place: can be in an angle because the room is too open and not intimate. We pay: 30€ for dish, dessert, aperitif, wine and digestive! Sweet. we digest: thank you to get 27 but there wasn't even need of it.

4 /5 Note moyenne

evening with friends to enjoy a Sicilian pizza for me with anchovies and capers 10 € pizza and floating island for dessert by voluminous I recommend place very friendly.

5 /5 Note moyenne

excellent cuisine, perfect welcome, quick service, finally the dishes are very good, I only want to go back. MCL

4 /5 Note moyenne

We arrived around 1:00 for lunch. The welcome was warm, however, the choices of dishes were limited, it is also a quality pledge will tell me you!very good cooking of the foods that were also very seasoned. Prices are affordable, and copyy portions!!

4 /5 Note moyenne

We were greeted very warmly by the entire team of the carnel. On the menu, Lyon salad and chocolate marrow for me, beef-paste piece and Paris-Brest for mr (who wanted a light dessert :) ). Perfect and delicious meat, top pasta, quick service, gourmet OL salad with a chick egg and crusts cooked in butter, delicious. very good Paris-Brest and mellow chocolates very mellow and with a strong taste of "recome to it". the portions are generous, unless you are gargantua, you will not get out of there hunger in the belly. I really want to come back, especially since pizzas look great (and prices are affordable. )

4 /5 Note moyenne

a regular drop point for our family in the neighborhood, pizzas are good, dishes that are expected to be found in a well-crafted brewery and smiling service. On the other hand, it's sometimes a little crowded.

4 /5 Note moyenne

there are for all tastes meat /salade /pizza everyone enjoys the prices are correct the kindness of the boss and the employees make that we like to go regularly on Friday night

4 /5 Note moyenne

a very good welcome every time, the boss is very commercial and very attentive. We eat very well for a very good rate. I advise him to all the curious and friendly.