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Sécurise ta réservation de table à L'assiette du prof, située à 2 rue du Professeur Weill, 69006, Lyon, France, grâce à notre plateforme facile à utiliser. Découvre seamless les réservations de repas. Composez le +33478520456 pour réserver une expérience culinaire.

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3 /5 Note moyenne

J'ai souvent co-localisé ce restaurant en travaillant dans le quartier c'était cool et convivial. J'ai changé de quartier et suis revenu pour m'amuser mais gros regrets rien à voir avec avant et tous niveaux. Il semble que la direction ait changé, ce qui explique probablement cela.

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I'm still laughing, but yellow! Not good at all! There's so much to say .resto halal that's great because not many of my friends are Muslim confessions ... for the rest of them only negative ! non-existent service, snack customers, inappropriate music, frozen food and not good, exorbitant prices, nothing is mastered, terrible the worst experience in a restaurant! I don't understand how it's still open! Toss people to this point! ♪

1 /5 Note moyenne

endless waiting (1 h 30), flat that is not the height of the semi-gastronomic image conveyed by the restorer. their holy marcellin sauce had no taste of industrial sauce. The underside of the table were dirty and damaged, the smoke of the kitchen came to us until the floor. The welcome, the food is too disappointing to justify such a price without counting waitresses who have no priori awareness of it is only a sense of service and reception. for the burger it was hard at the level of bread, the fries full of oil accused an uneven cooking. I therefore strongly advise this restaurant with a fully transparent establishment manager and not looking for customer satisfaction.

1 /5 Note moyenne

catastrophic it is expensive and not good the pumpkin returns to the service that is done anyhow, the servers believe everything allowed I strongly advise

4 /5 Note moyenne

Very nice welcome we were the 6 boss moved some of these tables so that we could sit down. The meal was pleasant the hallal and super tender meat. It was my little girl's birthday, he put a candle on his dessert and even music. The price quality report didn't seem excessive. The wine and alcohol drinkers abstain only from alcohol-free drinks. all with a smile. I've had a good time doing it again.

4 /5 Note moyenne

We went to the teacher's plate one Friday night. First, the service is of quality: smile, efficiency, good mood. We understand quite quickly that the restaurant does not offer alcohol, which is quite original it must be admitted. I enjoyed that the chef agrees to adapt his card (I am a vegetarian): hot goat salad (very good), dauphinois gratin (very good), homemade fries (too fat.) you feel that the staff is treating customer contact and it is very appreciable. In the end, I disagree with the majority of comments. 1) the quality / price ratio is quite correct. 2) the service is very good3) the concept (indoor French cuisine and without wine) is original and deserves to exist even if I'm not really sensitive to it either with some comments: the hallal mention is clearly indicated on the restaurant's website. If you don't want to hurt animals, do like me and be vegetarian. Hallal or not, the animal is well killed at the end of the end so let's stop the hypocrisy!

1 /5 Note moyenne

After two hours of waiting I decided to leave without being served. people who arrived well after me were already at dessert. too noisy restaurant and places too close. I strongly advise.

1 /5 Note moyenne

Big red meat lover, the establishment is allowed to serve me a vulgar butcher's pieces not tender at all instead of a "beef ledge"....Inadmissible!!!More ever....Mauvaise acceuil. extremely long waiting times and tables too close to each other. And too expensive....Very disappointed with such behavior and when you see that the establishment was full I think business halal to still beautiful days ahead of him....Ingrat.