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Truchtersheim, 2 rue de Strasbourg, 67370 Truchtersheim, France
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Nous serions heureux de t'accueillir dans notre restaurant ! Ta réservation t'assure une place à l'heure et avec le nombre de places souhaitées. invités utilise simplement gratuitement notre confortable formulaire de réservation de table en ligne ou réserve par Numéro de téléphone. En raison des règles d'hygiène en vigueur, nous sommes de toute façon tenus de conserver les coordonnées de nos hôtes. Aide-nous à t'aider, dans lequel tu simplement t'annoncer à nous tôt.

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2/5 Rating average

After a long day's journey throughout the Alsace region of France, we were eager to enjoy a nice local meal, in the village near where we were staying.The A La Liberation stood out, in the main 'square' of Truchtersheim - as a welcoming force. Parking was easy, with a parkplatz just steps away from the front door. We sent in our 'scouts' - to ensure it was a non-smoking facility (yes! good!!)The lovely old front room houses a bar area with chunky old wood tables and chairs beyond. We chose the largest table with a long bench, at the back wall. It's definitely a cozy and inviting space.Fortunately, our French expert was with us to help guide our meal choices. One of us chose the escargot (mm hmm) as the appetizer, and their Schlactplatte as his entree. The veal was a must-order item; and the other two went with safe bets of chicken and pork.The escargot was served in a yummy garlic and butter sauce. Each of us enjoyed the delicacy, impressed with the French knack for perfecting their meals with great care - even so much as their dear little molluscs.While waiting for our other dishes to arrive, we enjoyed a few beers -- remembering that the French, like most Europeans, take their time in preparing and serving a meal.Once we'd all been served, we happily traded bites of one another's food. Our family isn't afraid to share! ;-)We all commented about the schlactplatte's ridiculous amount of meat (heaps of it, in fact!) The men-folk were practically beating their chests in praise of this dish. The chicken was just so-so; and sadly, the veal was...how shall we say? It wasn't VEAL!It was most certainly: PORK! ? !After the "veal" dish was tried by everyone -- we discussed, at length, our options in confronting this situation. After all, the French are known to be rather non-confrontational; and we were guests in this quaint, idyllic village. Why be disruptive?Being the polite people we are, we decided not to cause a scene. But rather, we had our expert French speaker pleasantly alert our server, that we were aware of this meat swap. His heedless nod seemed to indicate that he either misunderstood, or simply negligently disregarded.The meal had been long enough (2 hours at this point), but the Chef came out of the kitchen and graciously shook our hands, amiable and oblivious to our knowledge of the discrepancy. It was an unexpected fanfare - one we weren't quite sure how/why happened...?That said, the restaurant is lovely, comfortable seating around beautiful old table, the beer is fresh and cold. All in all, the food was average; and we'll never know whether veal/pork was an intentional substitute or not.However, we do know that by purchasing the most expensive meal on a menu, we should most certainly expect to receive what we pay for. That said, we feel no choice than to rate this restaurant poorly.

4/5 Rating average

Great pan au chocolat (croissant with chocolate), with a new slight spin off the original recipe with hardened sugar on top.