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9 Rue Henri Rolland, 69100 Villeurbanne, Lyon, France
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Planifie ton expérience culinaire à La Boucle, situé à 9 Rue Henri Rolland, 69100 Villeurbanne, Lyon, France, en utilisant notre système de réservation sans tracas. Profite des réservations de tables efficaces. Vous souhaitez une réservation ? Composez le +33437480561.

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5 /5 Note moyenne

un repas complet et de qualité et le tout livré au pied de mon lieu de travail. la boucle me permet de prendre un repas fait maison avec des menus qui renouvellent et à un prix très correct. Je recommande le clafoutis !

5 /5 Note moyenne

la boucle, la cantine du vélo, j'aime déjà ça ;) leurs petits plats sont vraiment bons et copieux ! tout est local et fait maison !!! et le menu change tous les jours ! banco! Eh bien, réservez à l'avance pour obtenir ce que vous voulez !

5 /5 Note moyenne

This concept deserves to be known because I was tired of fast food and sandwiches between noon and two. I discovered this cyclo-seller next to my offices on the Crecy business park to st didier in the Golden Mountain. There were people in the waiting son and in general, that's a good sign. I tested and valid! good, hot and not very expensive dishes. the seller is nice and in addition he is interested in what he is shaking us. It's rare today.

5 /5 Note moyenne

I order my lunch regularly at "the loop". The dishes are good, balanced, always at temperature and in addition the pounders are super nice. I recommend. Little more: meals are delivered with trycicles which is good for our planet !a test!

5 /5 Note moyenne

super concept of walking canteen with a triportor bike installed just below my desk! good, original, balanced and "fashion" dishes for reasonable prices. Cyclo always sells very nice. I compose and order my menu on their website which is very well done, simple and practical!

4 /5 Note moyenne

balanced, varied, inventive meals, quality products, regional producers. correct quality/price.The staff is pleasant. good atmosphere around the ecolole tripoter.

4 /5 Note moyenne

correct quantity, quality products, correct flat rate serves 9€50 a very pleasant staff

3 /5 Note moyenne

The loop is rather good, with two dishes to choose from each day, that you can accompany an entrance and/or dessert. It is also practical, especially since the small vehicle parks at the foot of many offices, in a neighborhood where there is no big thing to get under the tooth.But, probably because of the fashion phenomenon, the loop has really too high prices: 7 euros the dish (not always copied), 9 euros if you add a dish or dessert, you are almost in the prices applied by a restaurant. Well, the lady's pity is adorable!